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Carole Vincent

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

Welcome: Discover BodyTalk
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BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple and effective therapy that allows the body's systems to be re-synchronized so that they operate as nature intended. 

BodyTalk can be used as a stand-alone system to treat many health problems, or seamlessly integrated into any healthcare system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing. 

BodyTalk does not try to just fix your symptoms; it checks all the functions of the body to see where the unresolved emotional, physical and chemical traumas are blocking your ability to complete the healing cycle. Once they are brought to resolution healing can occur naturally. 


About Carole

Hi,I am Carole and welcome to the world of BodyTalk. We often say that we have defining moments in our lives, when your life changes forever. Mine was when I was introduced to BodyTalk in 2006. Life has never been the same since that introduction.


Since then my life has been transformed. I left my dentistry career of some 30 years and embarked on my journey of personal growth through BodyTalk. I started practicing BodyTalk full time in 2013. It has been all go ever since!


I practice in Tauranga CBD, in a private log cabin to the side of the house. I am easy to find, centrally located, plenty of parking and pet-friendly. Chances are fairly high you will be welcomed and farewelled by our friendly tabby cat, Tammy. My young clients call her “the magical healing cat”. 


I am a practicing member of the International BodyTalk Assoc (IBA). I regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep up to date with this system and to maintain my professional development. Every session never ceases to amaze me, as I see the transformations and miracles that take place with clients. No two sessions are ever the same and it is an honour to be part of the clients’ growth.


I have done all the Advanced Modules and Life Science courses and repeated these courses many times. I never cease to amaze me how much I learn every time I repeat a course.

We are centrally located in the Tauranga CBD and are easy to find.





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Tammy with a BodyTalk client :)

Tammy with a client

Carole's Treatment Room

Carole's Treatment Room

Why People Come To Carole

  • Easy parking
  • Easy to find
  • Privacy
  • Experienced and friendly practitioner 
  • Relaxed and calm environment
  • The sessions get results


G has made gains each day, an amazing transformation, thank you much, it's been phenomenal!

Severe Anxiety


Approximately 4 months ago, a friend of mine recommended that I go to BodyTalk with Carole. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical but after my first session, I walked out feeling amazing. Carole touched on situations that happened in my life that have a huge impact on my life today. It has shown me that even as babies these memories linger in our sub-conscious. I was having serious sleep issues and after my first session I slept like a baby, my sleep patterns have corrected themselves and I feel like a new person.


I was so impressed with my session that I managed to convince my husband to try a session. He is the most skeptical person that I know and when he arrived home he could not stop talking about how amazing it was, he is now a regular, which has surprised us all. Carole has done wonders for his confidence and worked on early childhood memories to enable him to accept the person he is today.

Seeing the effect this has had, I decided to take my 10-year-old daughter for a session. She is a very shy, introverted child and after her first session we cannot believe this is the same child; she is much more confident, speaks up for herself and is so much happier than I have ever seen her.


As a family, all 3 of us look forward to our next session with Carole and cannot believe we managed through life so long without BodyTalk. I am truly blown away by all of this. I would highly recommend Carole to anyone.

Grief and Depression


You are amazing, Carole, better than any doctor or psychologist I have ever seen.

Heart Condition


It is a pleasure and great honor to be able to write a testimonial ... Well, what an amazing journey Bodytalk has taken us a family on. We moved off our dairy farm .. due to my husband's health in 2006. I was backwards and forwards to our G.P, blood tests, etc, to be told I am 'healthy' and I kept thinking 'I don't feel healthy'; my doctor was very honest and said my problems were all 'emotional' ... so a few days later I was talking to our neighbour and explaining to her how I was feeling and she said I know what can help you, she said 'Bodytalk' ... so I gave a Bodytalk practitioner a ring and made an appointment and after the first visit it was kind of 'wow!' ... all my questions have been answered and a lot of what came out all made sense, as to why I have been feeling like this all my life. Amazing!


With owning our dairy farm and having to deal with employment issues ... I have found I can deal with all situations in a different way now, I don't take the blame anymore and all the emotion is taken out of the situation and you simply 'just talk the truth' and that's the way it is. We have four children ... that enjoy Bodytalk ... my husband has also found it good, he's able to cope with all the farm demands a lot easier.


We honestly don't know where we would all be today if we hadn't chosen to go on the Bodytalk journey. It's amazing. We are all strangers to our doctor now, which is great for us so if we have any problems we just contact Carole, our natural healing doctor.


We would all like to take this opportunity to thank Carole for the wonderful healing she has done to us as a family. Thanks heaps, Carole, you are simply the best.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder And Emotional Issues

S. Family

Every day was a battle. From the time I awoke til the end of the day. My constant negative thoughts wore me down, making me mentally and emotionally exhausted. This affected my self-esteem, my relationships, my health and energy levels and also my ability to sleep.


I desperately needed a change in my life but didn't know where to begin. I felt powerless and depressed. Carole at Bodytalk is amazing! I felt remarkably different after just one session with her, and after just a few further sessions, continue to notice changes in all areas of my life.

As a result, I have fewer anxious or negative thoughts. My sleep has improved. My relationships are better. I have more energy and people notice that I look healthier and happier!

I highly recommend trying Bodytalk. It is a gentle approach to healing the whole being and it really works.

Depression And Anxiety


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